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Henrietta | Neil LaBute Festival

"The play riffs on the toll extracted by our increasingly wired world and how we give away our private lives to machines and websites. Krawczyk's dialogue has a zippy snap. The mystery of who requested this upgrade is revealed, which adds that extra zing to the main character's plight. It's a smart, funny play with something to say."    

    - Arts & Culture, Paul Friswold

Krawczyk’s Henrietta is very enjoyable. The main character deftly moves from a cocky and self-confident Lothario into a frantically nervous adulterer who is mortified to learn what powers his car’s computer voice has as well as her unforgiving morality."  _ 

     - LaDue News, Mark Bretz:

It's All About Lorrie


"The script is tight, clever, full of theatrical references theatre lovers will appreciate and enjoy. The lines are fast and funny, the story is unique. What could have amounted to just another play about theatre turned out to be a fast-paced, surprisingly fascinating farce."


The Man Who Found Troy


"This thoroughly enjoyable story is cleverly brought to the stage. Krawczyk takes the true story one step further by creatively elaborating on Heinrich Schliemann’s obsession with Ancient Greek mythology, heightening this aspect by deftly transferring between scenes and characters from Homer’s The Iliad back to Schliemann's present time. This is done with great consciousness and dabbles of humor."



"Krawczyk has done a wonderful job in taking several decades, including injecting some historical figures like Helen of Troy, into a two-hour play. His dialogue, pacing, and the story all come to life in perfect synchronization.



The Treatment


"For all its seemingly existentialistic, sci-fi appearance, The Treatment does not stray away from real human drama and power struggles, providing entertaining angst, hidden agendas, and touching truths we can all relate to. The Treatment may just be the cure you’re looking for."

     - Theater Pizzazz

The Treatment is unlike any other play I’ve personally seen from this award-winning playwright. If anything, it is a testament to his ability to try new genres, and attempt a fresh approach to his writing.

     - LocalTheatreNY



Who Killed Johnny Hansen?


"Who Killed Johnny Hansen? is a comically profound, well acted and enjoyable play dealing with the bigotry and hatred in our country."

      - Jules Peimer, 15 Minutes Magazine, Pictorial Parade

"Joseph P. Krawczyk presents a bold, thought-provoking story which allows both those of us who already share his views, and those of us who are being introduced to them, to fully open our eyes to the realities of false security and classic irony."

       - Rosemarie Monterosso, Show Business Weekly


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